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SureSmile® Aligners

Dr. Parris is excited to announce the addition of SureSmile® aligners to his treatment options at Parris Orthodontics. We’re constantly looking for the latest breakthroughs, products, and services in the dental world to make sure our clients are getting the best treatments possible. Your smile makes us smile!

Benefits Of SureSmile Clear Aligners

SureSmile® clear aligners are the latest in clear plastic aligners with many features that our patients are finding work better for their lifestyles than traditional braces. Keep reading to find out more about SureSmile® and make an appointment to schedule your consultation with Dr. Parris!

Straightens Teeth (Without the Metal)

SureSmile® is a metal-free way of getting the smile of your dreams. Traditionally, metal braces have been recommended for patients of any age group when it comes to straightening and correcting their teeth. But with SureSmile®, our patients can keep the focus off of their teeth with specially designed clear aligners that are practically invisible. Designed with Essix® ACE plastic, SureSmile® fits snuggly against your teeth, applying firm but gentle pressure upon problem areas for optimal force transmission.

Hide Missing Teeth

SureSmile® improves your smile and confidence in more ways than one. One of the greatest benefits of using these beautifully designed clear aligners is that if you ever need to have a tooth removed, or are seeing your dentist for excessive gapping, SureSmile®’s smart software will automatically create a spot for a pontic (or artificial tooth). When the SureSmile® state-of-the-art program detects a gap of more than 3mm, it will automatically create a design that’s meant to look like your natural teeth while the aligner slowly shifts and closes the gap over time. This design will change with each new aligner, ensuring you have a natural-looking smile throughout the entire straightening process.

Fill In Gaps

As we mentioned, SureSmile® is perfect for not only straightening your smile but also helping to close unsightly gaps between teeth. By use of gentle force, gaps will gradually begin to become less and less noticeable as your treatment progresses. Dr. Parris monitors this entire process to ensure it is as easy and subtle as possible. Before you know it, you’ll have that straight, winning smile you’ve always dreamed of.

Allows For Attachments

Another great benefit of SureSmile® is that these clear aligners can also account for other dental appliances and procedures. If you’re seeing Dr. Parris in order to correct an over or underbite, cutouts in the SureSmile® aligner compensate for dental elastics to help gently pull your jaw into place and can be designed to leave room for buttons. These buttons are specifically placed on your teeth and can either be attachments for the aforementioned elastics while simultaneously acting as anchors for your aligners that help push or pull your teeth into their correct positions.

Variable Gumline

When you choose SureSmile®, you can always be assured of a comfortable, easy to insert fit. Each SureSmile® aligner is cut with a high-precision laser for comfortable wear every time. In fact, these aligners have a precise but variable gumline trimming option which allows Dr. Parris to customize how the aligner fits up against your gum line. The plastic is trimmed to be smooth and comfortable and won’t cut your gums or tongue while you straighten your smile.


As with other clear aligners, SureSmile® is a removable product. In fact, you should remove your aligners while you’re eating or drinking (especially hot beverages or brightly colored/staining drinks. When you’re done eating or drinking, simply brush your teeth and pop your aligners back in!

Easy To Clean

As SureSmile® is similar to a retainer, they are easy to clean and keep sanitary. Avoid using warm water or abrasive cleaners (like toothpaste). Instead, you can use a product such as Retainer Brite® to keep your clear aligners clean with minimal effort.

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