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Smile Love Serve

At Parris Orthodontics in Germantown, TN, our philosophy is smile, love, serve. It's our desire to smile, make others smile, and love and serve our patients.

  • To love others is to treat others (co-workers, patients, parents) with respect.
  • To serve others is to help people.
  • To smile shows our love for Christ.
  • To make others smile, we treat them well — in addition to straightening their teeth.

About Smile, Love, Serve

We created the smile, love, serve phrase as a theme for our summer contest in 2016. The winner was a 12-year-old boy born with a cleft palate who designed and sold T-shirts to raise money for the Shriner’s Hospital. A $1000 check was presented to the hospital in honor of him.

We loved the concept so well that our office decided to adopt it as our practice philosophy! We present each patient with a smile, love, serve t-shirt when they get their braces. We also use the #SMILEOVESERVE on Instagram.

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