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Patient Rewards

Welcome to Parris Points!

We’re thrilled to welcome you to our office rewards program! YOU have the opportunity to earn awesome prizes, gift cards, and more by earning points and supporting Parris Orthodontics.

Here’s how the Rewards Program works. 

Of course, anyone who is part of the Rewards Program must be a patient at Dr. Parris’ practice. Once you begin treatment), you will receive a Rewards Hub Card. That card is your gateway to prizes!

Register for Patient Rewards

Using your Rewards Hub Card, you can visit the Patient Rewards Hub below and Register for your chance to win prizes as a Parris Orthodontics patient.



Build Up Points

In the Rewards Hub, you can play games, answer trivia questions, provide reviews, engage on social, complete scavenger hunts, and more! All of these activities allow you to earn points for your account!

Redeem for Prizes

All points lead to prizes! As you earn enough points through active participation in the Rewards Hub, you can redeem those points for gift cards and more amazing prizes! Once you redeem your points for prizes, you lose your points – but that’s an opportunity to earn points back by continuing to participate, on your way to another prize!

Want to Register or Log In to your Patient Rewards Hub? Visit the link below.



Ready to get started?