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Clear Braces

Clear Braces

Clear, or ceramic, braces are very similar to traditional braces, except that they are far less noticeable. The brackets are clear.

How Clear Braces Work

Clear braces work identically to metal braces. Your orthodontist will place the brackets on your teeth, along with wires and elastic ties. Adjustments are required consistently in order to move your teeth to their desired positions. Rubber bands are sometimes used if you need to correct an over or underbite.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Clear Braces

More Discreet

Clear braces are almost invisible. This makes them very attractive to many patients, especially adults. 

Treatment Time

Treatment time for clear braces is less than that of Invisalign, depending on your treatment needs. While slightly more visible than using clear plastic aligners, clear braces typically Picture of Model Teethwill move your teeth faster. Time is comparable to that of metal braces.  However, if you need extensive corrections, metal braces may be required, as they can handle more pressure.

More Comfortable Than Metal Braces

Because of the nature of the ceramic brackets, clear braces are usually more comfortable than metal braces. The brackets are typically smaller and less likely to irritate your gums and mouth.


If you don’t properly care for clear braces, they can start to discolor or stain, which can be quite unsightly. There are certain foods and drinks that can possibly discolor your clear o-rings, such as soda, coffee, tomato sauce, and more. It’s important to thoroughly brush your teeth after eating to get rid of any remaining food particles and germs.

Ceramic Braces Price

Clear braces typically cost more than traditional metal braces because of the technology and materials used. The cost varies, based on how long you will need treatment. However, if you are searching for a discreet way to straighten your teeth, the extra cost may be well worth it.

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