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Bilingual Office

Se Habla Español

At Parris Orthodontics, we aim to serve our Memphis community.  We’re dedicated to being inclusive, and providing great orthodontic care for the whole family.  To ensure our patient’s comfort, we’re proud to be a bi-lingual office.

We want you to know that members of our staff speak Spanish, so you can visit our office knowing with confidence that your care won’t be lost in translation.

Serving You Better

We believe that offering this valuable service gives us the opportunity to connect with our patients in a more meaningful way, providing a better, more comfortable experience, and a higher quality of care by keeping that line of communication open.

Assessing Your Needs

We know that communicating clearly is the key to providing excellent healthcare.  It’s not enough to simply know a few phrases here and there.  Our Spanish speaking staff works side by side with Dr. Parris to make sure that you understand just how we’re going to treat your teeth.  We firmly believe that going this extra mile reduces the risk of misinterpretation and lessens the chance of notetaking errors.

As medical professionals, we know the value of accuracy, and how being comfortable talking to your doctor makes a difference in the way you approach your health.  We want to be a resource for you when you need us, and to keep your smile white and healthy!

No Need for an Interpreter

We understand the value of having clear communication between you and your healthcare provider.  In our office, there is no need to bring a family member to help you interpret.  We know that this is a common practice in some offices but find that sometimes this can lead to miscommunication.  Our staff will ensure that you understand just what your diagnosis is and what your options are for treating it, butting your healthcare in your hands.

Making the Whole Family Smile

Parris Orthodontics has been providing care to the Memphis community since 1985.  We aim to be your oral health care home and regularly treat entire households.  We offer a variety of payment plans and work with many different insurers to provide our patients with the best possible care to fit their budget.
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